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The News of the World was founded by John Browne Bell and was first published on 1st October 1843, in broadsheet format. By 1912, the circulation was two million and around three million by the early 1920s, and by 1950, the News of the World had become the biggest-selling newspaper in the world with a weekly sale of 8,441,000 and individual editions sold over 9 million copies.

On 23rd October 1960 The Empire News merged with the News of the World.

In 1969 it was all bought out by Rupert Murdoch who also acquired The Sun on 15th November 1969, which he would market as the daily sister paper to the News of the World. The two newspapers have remained sister papers until the News of the World’s closure 10th July 2011.

Sunday edition of The Sun was to replace the News of the World, and it did, on 26 February 2012.

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